The Craft Beer Box

This is our signature box, our continuing rampage through the best and the brightest of independent UK brewing culture. Each week sees a new brewery commandeer our cardboard and showcase their beer. From the breweries you know and love to those you don’t yet know you love, every week we select something different for you to look forward to.

What’s in the box?

The DeskBeers box is designed to be shared. Each box contains 12 beers made up of 2 or 3 styles of beer (sometimes four) from a single brewery (but sometimes more). We try a pick "crowd-pleasers" - great craft beers that are interesting but not too off the wall. Usually we send out bottles, but sometimes we send out cans. We always send you the best beer possible.

Currently shipping

We buy beer from around the country every week. Here are two boxes we're particularly excited about shipping to customers at the moment.


Reliance Pale Ale (4.2%)

Named after the Reliance Arcade in Brixton, Reliance is the brewery's tribute to the art of handcrafting. Bright and light like a good Pale should be, the Reliance is a delicate, zippy little thing. Bright and hoppy, and at a session strength.

Atlantic APA (5.4%)

Named after Brixton’s famous street market road, this American Pale Ale packs a punch with bold aromas and intense flavours. It’s been brewed with three styles of hops, Citra, Simcoe and Galaxy with each one giving the beer a hit of tropical flavour.

Low Voltage Session IPA (4.3%)

Low Voltage began life as the little brother of Brixton's Electric IPA, but is now one of the brewery's flagship beers in its own right. Weighing in at an eminently sessionable 4.3%, but packed with four types of hop and plenty of malts. Expect a bitter kick with plenty of fruity flavours.

Effra Ale (4.5%)

An American-style amber ale that packs a punch, named after Brixton's subterranean river. This one is all about the malts (5 of them, apparently), but brings a crisp, bitter, hoppy finish too. Complex and rich, aromatic and uplifting.

Seven Sisters

India Pale Ale (5.8%)

Juicy? Fruity? Piney? That's what this IPA is and more. Every brew has different hops in it to keep you on your beery toes, making this the freshest it can possibly be, every time.

Small Beer (2.9%)

This offering from Seven Sisters has been causing quite a stir, with Time Out anointing it one of London's finest low-ABV beers. There's no shortage of hops here - Centennial, Chinook, Hallertau Blanc and Zythos - but thanks to Seven Sisters' brewing wizardry, it's all packed into a table strength package.

Citrus Session (4.2%)

Hopped with Cascade, Citra and Mosaic, this session IPA offers big, juicy flavour and dank bitterness, but with a very gentle ABV. This particular batch has been made with cryo hops - powdered hop extract which is the result of SCIENCE - which isolates and foreground the hoppy flavour whilst removing the vegetable undertones one sometimes gets through the use of traditional hops.

Breweries we ♥

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