Beer, glorious beer

Whatever you call it; craft beer, real ale, beer, we don’t care. All we do care about is the fact it’s well made and tastes good. Put it down to US influence, a government tax break, or a the general desire to consume things from small producers these days, who knows… Either way, this sudden increase in microbreweries up and down the country can only mean one thing. More good beer.

There are now over 70 commercial breweries operating in London (compared to just one in 1999!), with hundreds more around the country. And the growth doesn’t appear to be slowing down just yet.

What’s in the box?

The DeskBeers box is designed to be shared. Each box contains 12 beers made up of 2 or 3 styles of beer (sometimes four) from a single brewery (but sometimes more). We try a pick "crowd-pleasers" - great craft beers that are interesting but not too off the wall. Usually we send out bottles, but sometimes we send out cans. We always send you the best beer possible.

Currently shipping

We buy beer from around the country every week. Here are two boxes we're particularly excited about shipping to customers at the moment.

Signature Brew

Roadie (4.3%)

This beer is a stunning session-strength IPA that manages to be both crisp and light while packing in plenty of flavour. It has a hoppy taste with a moreish bitter finish.

Studio Lager (5.2%)

A Vienna style lager that packs in plenty of flavour thanks to the combination of Saaz hops and Vienna malt. It’s light and smooth on the palette, making this an extremely quaffable beer.

Backstage (5.6%)

Brewed out of the need for great craft beer in the "barren wasteland" of beer at live music events, the Backstage IPA is the perfect blend of American hops and European Malt.

Coming soon

  • Brew By Numbers
  • Pressure Drop
  • Partizan Brewing
  • Crate Brewery
  • Brixton
  • The Kernel Brewery
  • Beavertown Brewery
  • Five Points

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