The DeskBeers Craft Beer Box

12 craft beers, £30+VAT

This is our signature box, our continuing rampage through the best and the brightest of independent UK brewing culture. Each week sees a new brewery commandeer our cardboard and showcase their beer. From the breweries you know and love to those you don’t yet know you love, every week we select something different for you to look forward to.

What’s in the box?

The DeskBeers box is designed to be shared. Each box contains 12 beers made up of 2 or 3 styles of beer (sometimes four) from a single brewery (but sometimes more). We try a pick "crowd-pleasers" - great craft beers that are interesting but not too off the wall. Usually we send out bottles, but sometimes we send out cans. We always send you the best beer possible.

Currently shipping

We buy beer from around the country every week. Here are two boxes we're particularly excited about shipping to customers at the moment.

Northern Monk

Northern Star (5.9%)

A key ingredient in this porter are the coffee beans sourced directly from Brazil. They are ground and chucked straight into the boil, imparting a recognisable bitter coffee flavour as the beer takes shape. That strong characteristic is balanced out perfectly by the sweet chocolate flavours from the cacao powder and lactose sugars (unfermentable to yeast), to create a rich and robust Porter that remains very drinkable.

New World (6.2%)

This IPA has been brewed to celebrate the earliest British IPA’s. They haven’t held back in the hop department packing in five styles from Australia, Britain and the US. A solid base of pale malts provide a platform on which the aforementioned hops can really shine. A short bitter finish awaits you at the end.

Eternal (4.1%)

This blonde session IPA has a dominant flavour profile of hops. You’ll get aromas of tangerine and peach, with each mouthful containing a citrus hit. It's finished off with a wonderful citrus pith bitterness.


Neu (4.7%)

An update on the traditional Dusseldorf-style “old” ale. The floral hop flavour is really compliments the backbone of the sweet malt taste, making this beer a delight to drink.

Peel Session (4.3%)

A great introduction to the world of bitter ales. This beer tastes of citrus fruits with a hint of pepper shining through. These flavours combined with the relatively low ABV make this a perfect session beer.

Ivo (5.3%)

Ivo Watts-Russel founded a label called 4AD. They went on to sign acts from Pixies to Bon Ivor. They also inspired one young chap that would grow up obsessed with music, but also German beer. Ivo is a fine tribute to these influences.

Coming soon

  • Brew By Numbers
  • Pressure Drop
  • Partizan Brewing
  • Crate Brewery
  • Brixton
  • The Kernel Brewery
  • Beavertown Brewery
  • Five Points

The DeskBeers Big Beer Case

24 Big Beers, £48+VAT

Some craft breweries are small, some are a bit bigger. The important thing is that they all make great beer. With Big Beers, we’ve identified a shortlist of the bigger craft breweries that are brewing beer in larger quantities, thereby bringing down the price a little. We call these "Big Beers" - less small batch, more price match. Usually cans, sometimes bottles.

What’s in the box?

Big Beer cases are perfect for events, parties or bulking out your regular delivery. In each mixed case of 24 beers you’ll find an even split between a lager and a pale ale or IPA. The current roster of Big Beer Breweries includes BrewDog (Kingpin Lager, Punk IPA), Camden Town (Hells, Pale) & Meantime (London Lager, London Pale).

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