DeskBeers Distributed

Office drinks for teams working from home

Add your team

Easilly add as many people as you want to your Distribution, or share a link with them so they can add themselves.

Simple billing

All orders are wrapped up into one invoice that can be paid online (AMEX accpeted). We'll also email over a VAT receipt.

Get together online

We then ship all your orders ASAP (allow a few days for all deliveries to be completed). When they arrive, jump on a call together and share a beer!

DeskBeers Distributed is better than beers in the office. It’s a moment we all look forward to sharing together.

Tim Morgan
CFO, Teller

Frequently asked questions

What beers will we get?

All orders in a distribution will receive a box containg two beers from British craft breweries. You’ll likely get a beer from our Core Beer range and another from our Craft Beer range in each pack. For the moment, deluxe beers are out of scope, but we hope to include them eventually.

When will we get our beers?

All orders are sent via 2nd class post, so two to three days from the time we process your order. We will try our hardest to process orders the same day they are placed, however if you order later in the day your order may not be picked up till the following working day. As the Distributed service evolves we will give clearer guidelines around cutoff times and delivery estimates.

Can I send some of my team not-beer?

Eventually, yes. Right now, no. This first version only sends 2 beers to each team member. In time, we'll to allow you to choose the most apropriate type of drink for each team member from our full range of beers, wines, ciders and soft drinks.

Can you deliver to my colleagues in [insert country]?

No. At least not now, and not without charging extra for international shipping. Orders can only be sent to the U.K. mainland. If there is significant interest for orders to be sent abroad let us know and we'll see what we can do.

How do we know we’ll get good service?

This service has been launched quickly to help mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19, both on DeskBeers and the wider craft beer economy. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but it’s built on top of the same system that has been supplying beers to offices for years. You’re in good hands.

We love it and we want to make this a regular thing! Do I have to enter all my team's addresses every time?

Right now, yes. Eventually, no. We'll hook up the same recurring delivery system that applies to our regular deliveries soon. We might even manage a .csv upload, too.